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Office Staff of the International Office
  Mr. YOU Jie Director,
International Office
Office of Hongkong, Macau and Taiwai Affaires
  Tel: 0086-535-6903238
  Mr. ZHANG Xijun Deputy Director,
International Office
Other    Staff
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Executive Section Mr.  Herbert Liang manager Tel:0086-535-6902143 1. Getting into contact with new foreign
universities or colleges
2. Communication with foreign partner
3. Any other matters concerned with the
international affairs of Yantai University
Mr. Linc Cong   Tel:0086-535-6902143
Foreign Expert Section Ms.  ZHAO Lili manager Tel:0086-535-6903323 1. Recruiting new foreign teachers
2. Providing necessary service for foreign
teachers on campus
3. Arrangement for short-term visiting
Mr. MENG Fanli   Tel:0086-535-6903323
International Students Section Ms.  GAO Xiangyue manager Tel:0086-535-6902271
1. Enrolling new foreign students
2.Providing necessary help for international
students on campus
Ms. WANG Lingyun manager Tel:0086-535-6902271
Ms. JIANG Chunyu   Tel:0086-535-6902271
Project Management Section Mr. Joseph Wu manager Tel:0086-535-6902561
1.Collecting international  coeducational  resources
2. Supervision on the cooperative programson campus
3. Offering help in program application
International Service Center Mr. ZHENGHongde       manager Tel: 0086-535-6902047 Offering housing service for the foreign teachers and students
Ms. ZHANG Yanyan Front Desk Tel: 0086-535-6901428
WANG Guozheng
Front Desk Tel: 0086-535-6901428
Address: International Office, Yantai University, 32, Qingquan Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong Province, P. R. China 264005
Fax: 0086-535-6901858